How do I top up my work balance?

You as a driver are going to prepay a value to Picker, a balance recharge. And in this way you will always keep 100% of the services you do, either in cash or by card. Because Picker's 20% of those future services is already prepaid. As you make services, that balance will decrease and you will have to buy more balance to continue receiving services.

Let's see another example:

1) You make a $5.00 USD Work Balance purchase.

2) You get a service of $3.00 USD in cash.

3) Upon completing the service, the customer pays you the $3.00 USD.

4) You keep the $3.00 and $0.60 is deducted from your Work Balance.

5) You have $4.40 USD left in your Work Balance.


First you must select the option called Work Balance that is in your Menu.


You will find a screen that indicates the current Balance you have. And to add balance you must click where it says Add Balance.


Here you will see that there is a list of top-up options ranging from $2.00 USD to $40.00 USD. On one side it says the amount of money you can earn in services by buying that package, before needing to recharge more balance.