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Partner Comerciales

Partner with the best E-commerce partners in the region, customized solutions to create your own online store, a unique experience for your customers.

Exclusive advantages just for you!

Who are Our Partners?

Hundreds of companies, such as e-commerce advertising agencies, app development agencies, e-commerce platforms, delivery companies, and many more.

Exclusive Space!

Exclusive landing on our website, offering the products or services of your brand.

Assistance and documentation!

Receive technical support, ongoing updates,
and access developer documentation.

Participate in events!

Participate in the marketing activities that Picker will carry out to maximize the recognition of the alliance.

Recognition and awards!

Achieve significant milestones and earn awards for your accomplishments.

Monthly earnings!

Earn monthly profits for acquiring new contracts.

Picker Badge

With the Picker Partner Badge, you can demonstrate to your clients that you have mastered the delivery gateway and its integration.

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Delivery Partners

Exclusive advantages

Monthly payments

Receive your monthly payments for all the orders you have fulfilled.

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Receive thousands of orders!

You will be a delivery option for all our customers.

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We integrate with you!

We have a dedicated team that specializes in integrating with any systems your company has in place.

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Our Delivery Partners

Currently, we establish new connections with delivery partners in Ecuador
and around the world every month.