Registration of new integrations
Our integration service allows you to connect Picker's logistics platform with multiple digital interfaces to automate your deliveries. In this way you can use the logistics software, the delivery fleet or both.
Detailed documentation of the different APIs available for each type of service required. Easy reading and integration.
Consultations with Picker developers for the implementation of the different APIs. Work sessions to guarantee a quick connection.
Data validation, confirmation that each detail and each necessary data is being transmitted correctly. Checking is done with technical connection tests.
Live tests of the complete flow of the operation to guarantee the correct functioning of the services.
Once the technical and functional tests have been passed. We proceed to approve the account and activate the service for consumption.
Complete flow of services, different tools and stages of the procedure. Creation of the service, reception and delivery flow.
Once the service is requested by the sales platform (it is recommended to make the call when the order is ready or soon to be). A call is made to the Picker server to start the search for a nearby delivery man.
The search occurs once the platform requests it. The system searches for a delivery person close to the collection point based on the parameters established by the business: distance, load capacity, type of vehicle, etc.
Once the server finds the delivery person who meets the requirements, it will assign the service to him so that he will accept it. Once accepted, the delivery person will be informed of the collection point and contact.
The system will notify the delivery person where and what to pick up, it will indicate the order number at the collection point and thus the object to be received is identified.
Once the order has been collected, the system will notify the delivery person of the delivery point and the customer's contact. This will be guided by GPS to the destination.
Every business that uses Picker's integrated services has access to a dispatch console where they can monitor delivery statuses, past delivery history, and much more information.
In this panel you will be able to see the different states of a service, know the information of an order, contact with the couriers, elapsed time, additional details, etc.
Monitoring of services depending on their status: Pending, Accepted and Delivered.
History of past orders with all the pertinent information of each one.
Different handling of payments for service, customer payments by card or cash.
Payments for the Picker service and other related issues.
Each service can be paid by the end customer using different methods. Picker supports cash and card payments, and the flow varies depending on the method chosen by the customer.

Cash:  The driver pays at the time of picking up the order from the business and collects payment upon delivery. There is no need for any return process.

Card:  The driver only picks up the order, and there is no on-site payment. The business directly charges the customer's card through its sales channel.
Monthly Fee: The monthly fee will be charged to the card on file based on the chosen plan. If the service limit is exceeded, the next plan will be charged.

Deliveries: For each delivery, the value of the route will be calculated based on distance and time, and the accumulated amount for all deliveries will be charged on a weekly basis. This charge is done weekly.
A single monthly invoice will be issued supporting the charges for the entire month. Of monthly fee and deliveries. Accompanied by a detailed report of the invoiced.
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White Label
If you are interested in using our logistics platform for your own fleet of delivery drivers, you can configure the platform as your business prefers.