What is the working balance and what is it used for?

The Work Balance

In order to understand what the Work Balance is in Picker, you must first understand how the division of earnings works in each service you will do.
Let's say you perform a service where the race costs $3.00 USD
Delivery Driver $2.40 USD
You as a driver correspond to 80%
of the value.
Picker $0.60 USD
Picker owns 20% of the value.
Now that you know how profit division works. Let's move on to understand how the ways of charging for a service work.
When the service is in cash, it will come out to you to collect the total value and you will keep that money. Following the previous example, in this case you keep $3.00 and owe Picker $0.60.
Credit/Debit Card:
When the service is by card, it will come out that you should not charge anything when delivering. We have already charged the customer. Following the previous example, in this case you keep $0.00 and Picker owes you $2.40.
What is the Work Balance then?
You as a dealer are going to prepay a value to Picker, a balance recharge. And in this way you will always keep 100% of the services you do, either in cash or by card. Because Picker's 20% of those future services is already prepaid. As you make services, that balance will decrease and you will have to buy more balance to continue receiving services.

Let's see another example:

1) You make a $5.00 USD Work Balance purchase.

2) You get a service of $3.00 USD in cash.

3) Upon completing the service, the customer pays you the $3.00 USD

4) You keep the $3.00 and $0.60 is deducted from your Work Balance.

5) You have $4.40 USD left in your Work Balance.
How do I buy Work Balance?
First you must select the option called Work Balance that is in your Menu.
You will find a screen that indicates the current Balance you have. And to add balance you must click where it says Add Balance.
Here you will see that there is a list of top-up options ranging from $2.00 USD to $40.00 USD. On one side it says the amount of money you can earn in services by buying that package, before needing to recharge more balance.
How do I buy Work Balance?
Credit or Debit Card
Receivable Earnings