How to use the wallet in Picker Driver?

The wallet

A Picker is an expert solver. In other words, you solve the lives of customers. From picking up and delivering their products, running their errands, delivery, to buying things for them. When we talk about buying, we mean that you pay something and they give you back at the time of delivery. To achieve this, you work with your own money.
Every time you activate or after each completed service, you will be prompted to update your wallet.
Always put the amount of money available that you have for future purchases. You can edit that value as many times as you want, from the Wallet option in your menu.
Why do I have to update that value in the app?​
Every time a customer places an order, he must enter how much available money his delivery man needs to have for the errand he is going to request. And the Picker system will search only for dealers with a wallet equal to or greater than the amount placed.
Customer requests a service to make a purchase of $15.00 USD.
‍$10.00 USD.
$15.00 USD.
‍$45.00 USD.
In the example above, Picker's system only considered dealers who had a wallet greater than $15.00 USD.

Pro Tip: The more money you have available in your wallet, the more services you will drop and the more money you will earn.
And how do I get my money back if I make an expense?
When the service is in cash, the client pays you everything at the end. The value invested in the purchase and the value of the service. You keep everything.
Credit/Debit Card:
When the service is by card, Picker will charge it for you and transfer your money to the bank account you registered. Transfers are made every hour of the day.
Esto es todo lo que necesitas saber sobre la Billetera. Continúa leyendo sobre el siguiente elemento importante de la app de Picker Repartidor.